Q: What on Earth is Neolith?

A: Neolith is the stone, the brand, 
     the legend, the future.

Although it may sound a little like a period of time in history, Neolith is actually a material. It’s made from sintered porcelain slabs, which makes it a perfect material for kitchen worktops.

There are, however, a large number of other benefits to using this material in the home. Below we’re going to look at the main reasons to invest in Neolith and why they’re worth it.


Friendly for the Environment

Neolith is made entirely from natural products. Ingredients, as it were, include clay from the ground, feldspar from rocks, silica from sand and other mineral oxides. This makes it an extremely ecologically friendly material.


Because it is made from natural materials, the colour pigments are too. Its common appearance is not unlike that of marble, with thicker more pronounced rippled lines throughout. There are approximately 30 different colour variations on offer currently.

You can, of course, choose to have yours in one solid colour. But choosing the marbled effect means your worktop would be completely unique to you and your home.


Versatile and Immune to Stains

That’s right, you heard us – Neolith is unable to be stained, even if it’s white! This is due to the material being non-porous, making it different to natural stones. This also means that, unlike other materials, Neolith doesn’t need to be seal

Although it is more commonly used for counter-tops, Neolith can also be used elsewhere. The thickness of the material can range between 5mm and 12mm. This means it can also be used to create matching cupboard doors and drawers.

You can even use it for flooring, which is great for clearing up mess and leaving no stain behind. If you’re the kind of person who likes everything to match, Neolith is perfect.


Durable and Reasonably Priced

As if this material wasn’t already brilliant enough, it’s also extremely durable. Being such a hard material, it is very resistant to heat and won’t warp or burn. So you can place hot pans on them without worry.

Last, but not least, it’s a competitively priced material. Considering its amazing benefits, it’s actually very affordable and well worth investing in. Especially when it comes with a 15 year guarantee as standard.



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