We specialise in stunning marble worktops

Marble is an elegant rock, having been used in structures and architecture for thousands of years. A naturally stunning white colour is interspersed with the characteristic veins and swirls, caused by mineral impurities from the presence of clay, sand, silt, or other minerals in the limestone that the marble came from.

Marble is often used in kitchens, with a surge in popularity of marble worktop surfaces in recent years. Marble worktops are a stunning centrepiece to any kitchen, and their luxury look is actually more accessible than you may think, thanks to different price points suitable for a range of budgets.

Marble is also slightly susceptible to scratches, as is the case with other natural surfaces, but this is easily remedied of with the use of butchers blocks and chopping boards. The maintenance is well worth the beautiful addition of gleaming white marble as the centrepiece to your kitchen.

Sealing and installing your new marble worktops

Like other rock surfaces, marble is porous, meaning that sealing will be required to ensure that stains from coffee, wine, oil, or whatever else is spilled in the kitchen doesn’t set in and spoil the appearance. Our installation services include sealing, so your marble worktop will be protected and ready for use straight away. We will coat the new stone with a thin layer of sealant which will prevent dirt, stains or food getting trapped. It is always recommended to seal natural stone worktops, especially when they are paler in colour like marble, as it improves the look and maintains a bright finish for a long time.

Getting started with a marble worktop

If you decide on a marble worktop, we will start your project with our specialist templating service. We will survey the area of your home that we’re working with, consulting with you at every step so that kitchen you have in mind becomes a reality.

Get in touch with us today for a quote or to arrange an initial consultation to transform your kitchen with new marble worktops.



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